Installations and maintenance


Installations and maintenance

Our company helps you to make your home more comfortable with the installation of all services including plumbing, heating, motors, electrical equipment, swimming pools, garages, offices or commercial, etc. We also help you in the event of breakdowns, revisions and maintenance of the services of modern housing and with adapted facilities.

These services include air conditioning, remote controls, partition, mosquito nets, shower screens, bathroom fans furniture and lighting, appliances, grills, curtains, awnings, antennas, satellite TV, etc.

GI Servicios does not make you wait if you are in need of our attention. Any housing problems will be resolved in the shortest time possible. Professionals with decades of work experience are ready for any mishaps that may occur. From flooding of a basement, to the removal of a tree, a domestic accident or unforeseeable damage, nothing is too much trouble. There is always someone on hand should you need attention.

We take care of maintaining all the facilities of your house on the beach in perfect condition so that you just relax instead of solving problems, on your arrival. Our expert team will take care of the periodic cleaning of your house and pool, the gardening work and the maintenance of machinery (pool pump, heaters, air conditioning, etc.)

It is you who set the requirements and we will take care of providing solutions and adequate coverage for any need in your home.